Pyromania is a top-fermented, smoked porter. Five types of malt are used in it, so in addition to the roasted flavors bready and caramel-like malty notes are also present. Alcohol content is quite high, 7.5%, therefore the palate is slightly sweet. We balanced the sweetness, with bittering hops to have a good drinkability. Before the Industrial Revolution, people used to kiln the malt with wood fire, so the smell and the taste of smoke appeared in the beer. We put a small amount of beech smoked malt in our Pyromania, which gives a moderate smoky character to our beer, so it becomes a richer, more complex beer.

Type: smoked porter

Ingredients: Pilsner, Munich, dark caramel, carafa and smoked malt, Magnum and Spalt hops

Extract: 18.4B

Alcohol: 7.5% v/v

Color: dark brown

Bitterness: ~ 35 IBU