During the university years I wondered about trying to brew beer. After some research, I realized that there are countries where it is a natural thing, like fishing to us. So the case was not that hopeless … I made my first beer in November 2005: its texture and color was like a fibrous peach juice, the taste is difficult to locate; I liked it, my friends not so much.

Slowly I go forward, my friends also like my beer! I was not stuck in one pale and one brown, I want to try more styles, I am trying to replicate big brand ales. Then we have organized the first meeting of domestic brewers, later we established an association, and we are successfully lobbying for the legalization of our hobby, we are spreading “the word.”

In 2012 competitions began, we had great battles with the Slovaks and Poles; of course, they were not bloody battles, but rather brewing hobby festivals. My beers achieved very nice results in these competitions, and then the second competition came in Budapest, where I won the Grand Champion prize with the Távoli Galaxis; I became the home brewer of the year.

Meanwhile, something has also started in the commercial craft beer level; the “beer revolution” has broken out. More and more special, little known and even less brewed beer styles appear, and people love this diversity. I had to realize that my hobby is a valuable knowledge and like so many other home brewers, I also asked myself the question: What would happen if …? We jumped at the chance, our team was set up, I became a “gipsy brewer” and maybe the most modern brewery in the area, Kaltenecker from Rozsnyo welcomed us with open arms. My workplace, the Atoll helped a lot, without them there would not be Távoli Galaxis.

During this period, our second beer, Pyromania has come out; the Bakancslista (Bucketlist) series is a continuous challenge for us, but also an exciting adventure in the world of hops. Since we had started with Távoli Galaxis, it would be strange to finish the introduction with the phrase ‘the limit is the stars’. We are full of ideas; we will soon begin a new space travel looking for galaxies beyond IPA. As long as the honorable beer loving audience is curious about our beers, we will do our best to offer them the best quality we can make!